This guide shows how to set-up GitHub identity provider with Aidbox

Register an OAuth application on GitHub

Open your organization's page on GitHub then Settings > Developer Settings > OAuth Apps > New Org OAuth App.

Generate a new secret

Create an IdentityProvider in Aidbox

Using REST Console create an IdentityProvider config.

PUT /IdentityProvider/github?_format=yaml&_pretty=true
content-type: text/yaml

type: github
active: true
  - profile
  - openid
  - read:org
  - user
  - <your-github-organization-name>
  id: <client-id>
  secret: <client-secret>

Login into Aidbox with GitHub

Go to your Aidbox base URL, you will be redirected to the login page - you should see "Sign in with <provider.title or .type>" button. Press this button and log in with GitHub user into aidbox.

This user will be logged into Aidbox Console, but without any permissions. Read more in Access Control Section about permissions.

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