This guide shows how to set-up Okta identity provider with Aidbox

Please make sure you use Aidbox v:2107 stable or later Aidbox version

Create an Account in Okta

If you do not have an Okta account, create it to get your authorization server. Find your okta domain. You can do it in Security > API

Create a Client (Application) in Okta

Go to Application > Application in Okta and create a new one.

  • Check Authorization Code Grant Type

  • Set Sign-in url to <box-url>/auth/callback/<identity-provider-id>

Checkout Client ID and Client secret

Create an IdentityProvider in Aidbox

Using REST Console create an IdentityProvider config. Replace <okta-domain> with your okta domain.

  • client.redirect_uri should be <box-url>/auth/callback/<identity-provider-fdid>

  • set client.client_id and client.client_secret to Okta's credentials

  • replace <box-url> with your box url (like http://localhost:8080)

  • set scopes to ['profile', 'openid']

PUT /IdentityProvider/okta?_format=yaml&_pretty=true
content-type: text/yaml

type: okta
title: MyOkta # this element present only in 202106 version
active: true
system: 'okta'
  - profile
  - openid
authorize_endpoint: '<okta-domain>/oauth2/v1/authorize'
token_endpoint: '<okta-domain>/oauth2/v1/token'
userinfo_endpoint: '<okta-domain>/oauth2/v1//userinfo'
userinfo-source: id-token | userinfo-endpoint
  id: <client-id>
  secret: <client-secret>
  redirect_uri: '<box-url>/auth/callback/okta'

Login into Aidbox with Okta

Go to your Aidbox base URL, you will be redirected to the login page - you should see "Log in with <provider.title or .type>" button**.** Press this button and log in with Okta user into aidbox.

This user will be logged into Aidbox Console, but without any permissions. Read more in Access Control Section about permissions.

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