Config for AidboxOne product (devbox)- :db (zen/symbol)

zen/tag: aidbox.config/db

  • :aidbox-license (zen/string)

  • :disable-legacy-seed (zen/boolean)

  • :project (zen/map)

    Aidbox project configuration

    • :git (zen/map)

      Git repository configuration

      • :protocol (zen/string)

      • :public-key (zen/string)

      • :private-key (zen/string)

      • :url (zen/string)

      • :sub-path (zen/string)

        To specify path to zen directory related to the root

      • :access-token (zen/string)

        Token to access HTTPS private repository

      • :target-path (zen/string)

        Clone the repository into a directory

      • :checkout (zen/string)

        Git branch or commit

    • :entrypoint (zen/string)

  • :replication (zen/symbol)

    zen/tag: aidbox.config/replication

  • :apm (zen/map)

    • :disable (zen/boolean)

    • :server (zen/string)

      APM Server

  • :telemetry (zen/map)

    • :usage-stats (zen/boolean)

      Allow/disallow to send usage statistic

    • :errors (zen/boolean)

      Allow/disallow to send errors

  • :entrypoint (zen/symbol)

    aidbox project entrypoint /

  • :instances-number (zen/integer)

  • :stdout-pretty (zen/boolean)

  • :box-id (zen/string)

  • :web (zen/symbol)

    zen/tag: aidbox.config/web



  • :instances (zen/integer)

  • :port (zen/integer)

  • :kube (zen/map)

    Kubernetes meta

    • :service-name (zen/string)

    • :namespace (zen/string)

      Kubernetes namespace

    • :hostname (zen/string)

      Kubernetes hostname. Deduce instance number


  • :base-url (zen/string)

    Base url of the Aidbox instance

  • :port (zen/integer)

  • :thread (zen/integer)

  • :max-body (zen/integer)

  • :max-line (zen/integer)

  • :request-save-raw-body (zen/boolean)

    Attach raw body to response

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