_count & _page

Paging search results

Search results can contain many records, for more convenient work we can use pagination. Available parameters are: _count β€” total records on the page, page β€” specific page, output Bundle includes link section with first, self, next, previous, and last page constructed URLs.

Default count value

Configure default value for count search parameter with


The default value is 100.

Be careful! Too high value of _count parameter can lead to the OutOfMemoryError due to the memory requirements to load many values.


GET /Patient?_count=10&_page=3

# 200
resourceType: Bundle
type: searchset
- resource:
total: 206
- {relation: first, url: '/Patient?_count=10&_page=1'}
- {relation: self, url: '/Patient?_count=10&_page=3'}
- {relation: next, url: '/Patient?_count=10&_page=4'}
- {relation: previous, url: '/Patient?_count=10&_page=2'}
- {relation: last, url: '/Patient?_count=10&_page=21'}

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