Touchstone FHIR 4.0.1 basic server

Pass Touchstone FHIR4-0-1-Basic-Server the test suite

You can pass Touchstone FHIR 4.0.1 basic server test suite on self-hosted Aidbox or in Aidbox User Portal Sandbox. Both self-hosted and the Sandbox Aidboxes use the same Configuration Projects.

Pass with Aidbox User Portal Sandbox

Register a box in Aidbox User Portal

  1. Request a new license by clicking + License

  2. Fill in required fields

  3. Choose Sandbox hosting

  4. Pick HL7 FHIR R4 Core 4.0.1 and Touchstone fixtures for FHIR R4 Core 4.0.1 Configuration Project

  5. Choose 4.0.1 FHIR version

Set up a Test System in Touchstone

  1. Register a new test system by clicking Test Systems > New Test System

  2. Choose FHIR 4.0.1 Specification

  3. Tick JSON and untick XML in Supported Formats

  4. Put url of the box in Base URL with /fhir postfix (e.g.

  5. Tick Requires OAuth2

  6. Choose Dynamic Token OAuth2 Token Type

  7. Put <box base url>/auth/authorize Authorization Endpoint without /fhir postfix (e.g.

  8. Put <box base url>/auth/token Token Endpoint without /fhir postfix (e.g.

  9. Select JWT Assertion OAuth2 Grant Type

  10. Put system/*.* OAuth2 Scopes Supported

  11. Fill in other required fields

  12. Save configuration with Save Changes button

  13. Download a CapabilitiesStatement of the box by pressing download icon in the Capabilities column.

Run test suite

  1. Select your Server

  2. Tick Test script

  3. Press Execute Selected

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