Aidbox Forms

Form building and structured data capturing with Aidbox
Aidbox Forms is a pluggable module for healthcare vendors who need to create digital forms, questionnaires and surveys for the clinical workflows.
It allows to design and embed digital medical forms and capture data in FHIR format for reporting and analysis.

Aidbox Forms provides:

By using Aidbox Forms you can:

  • Create form with complex logic from scratch in UI Builder or Code editor
  • Create form by importing FHIR Questionnaire from external sources
  • Use ready-made form from Aidbox Form Library or customise it according to your requirements
  • Test form in UI Builder or Code editor
  • Pre-fill form with existing data
  • Add any validation rules to the forms
  • Extract data and store them in FHIR resources
  • Binding of forms in the workflow with complex logic and data prefilling
  • Coding clinical data with LOINC, SNOMED, RxNorm and others
  • Integrate form into your current solutions with the versatile API, iframe, and generating a link
  • Capture and store data in FHIR storage

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