Release Notes

August 2023 latest

  • SQL on FHIR engine early access
  • Data API
  • Integrations
  • Security and access control
  • Aidbox user portal
    • Added the ability to specify a custom configuration project when creating a GCP Aidbox
  • UI
  • DevOps
    • Add metrics for Aidbox logs. Count of logs per log level
    • Implemented PG database backup verification tool, improved Grafana dashboards to show backup verification statuses
    • Added basic Forms Accessibility (Screen Readers, Keyboard Navigation)
    • Improved mobile devices adaptation (form takes all visual space, buttons aligned in specific positions)
    • Improved UX of developer tools (inline errors, autocomplete, code folding, bracket matching)

July 2023 stable,2307

June 2023 stable,2306

May 2023 stable,2305

April 2023 stable,2304

March 2023 2303

February 2023 2302, LTS

  • Validation and Terminology
  • Data API
    • Implemented JSONPath Sort (previously there was fallback to jsonknife)
    • Implemented #>> operation to optimize some query types (enabled via env)
    • Improved _explain to show SQL even if the query failed with an error
    • Implemented handling of unique errors: it is now possible to enforce uniqueness on some combination of fields
    • Improved conformance of conditional queries
  • MDM (Master Data Management)
    • Fixed bugs with Python integration
  • C-CDA to FHIR converter
    • Introduced FHIR to CCD transformation (alpha)
  • Security and Access Control
  • Ops
  • Aidbox Forms
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub integration
    • Added Setting to specify for what resources should trigger message publishing
    • Added Option to optimistically publish a message before the resource is saved to DB

January 2023 2301

December 2022 2212

November 2022 2211

October 2022 2210

September 2022 2209

August 2022 2208

July 2022 2207

June 2022 2206, LTS

May 2022 2205

April 2022 2204

March 2022 2203

February 2022 - 2202 , LTS

February 2022 - v:2202 is available as a long-term support version. End of life is April 2023.
  • Released a beta version of Aidbox API constructor that allows to define REST API granularly.
  • Added Access Control debug option: su header. It allows doing a request on behalf of a certain user.
  • Added Grafana dashboard RPC API that allows to get Aidbox metrics dashboards and import it to your Grafana.
  • Added _count, _total and _timeout environment variables to configure default values.
  • Improved logging for RPC and GraphQL calls.
  • Fixed Aidbox UI pretty view display.
  • Fixed issues submitted by Aidbox users.
  • Deprecated APM and JMX in default build. Please reach out to us if you're using it.

January 2022 - v:2201

Starting from January 2022 we're switching to a new release cycle. We added:latest and LTS (long-term support) versions. Check the updated release cycle.
  • Added FHIR R4 search parameters to zen FHIR packages (alpha) as a part of our roadmap to run Aidbox on managed PostgreSQL databases.
  • Released load-from-bucket import operation for huge imports that allows loading terabytes of data from an AWS bucket directly to the Aidbox database with maximum performance.
  • Added Aidbox UI new tools: DB Tables and DB Queries to improve database administration and introspection.
  • Added new env box_compatibility_validation_json__schema_regex="#{:fhir-datetime} to enable strict date time validation in JSON schema validation engine per FHIR spec.
  • Improved $export error statuses.
  • Added Search resource reference support.