Release Notes

May 2024 latest

March 2024 stable, 2403

  • SQL on FHIR engine

  • Validation

    • Released FHIR schema validation engine (alpha). This validation engine is set to replace the existing Zen Schema and JSON Schema validation engines.

    • Launched FHIR IGs Repository (alpha). Aidbox now lets you introspect and load FHIR IGs directly from a mirrored version of into your Aidbox instance, either through the UI or configuration files

  • Aidbox Forms

    • UI builder updates (FHIR Questionnaire-based):

      • Ability to change the widget type

      • Supported markdown renderer for tooltip and label

      • Expanded enablewhen expression templates

      • Improve adding widget process - widget can be added in any point of outline

      • Ability to create the form themes in the UI builder

      • Ability to add multiple signatures to the form

      • Added radio button widget with layout orientation

      • Ability to place multiple widgets on one line

      • Ability to add placeholder for widget

      • Improved UI Builder dev experience via warnings and tips

  • C-CDA / FHIR converter

    • Support of FHIR formatted Bundle

    • Enhanced references resolving mechanism for make-doc and prepare-doc endpoints

    • Mapping fixes, bug fixes

February 2024 2402,LTS

  • Security and Access Control

    • Released beta version of Label-based Access Control to control access to data based on the classification of the data (privacy, sensitivity, etc) and the attributes of the requester.

  • Data API

  • Aidbox Forms

    • Questionnaire-based forms updates:

      • Ability to add help text

      • Ability to add image for a question

      • Selecting a code for an item from terminologies

      • Selecting code for answerOption from terminologies

      • Ability to create multi-page forms

      • Ability to amend form using a shared link

      • Supported attachment item

      • Ability to add regex validation

  • C-CDA / FHIR converter

    • Support built-in rule based deduplication

    • Mapping fixes, bug fixes

    • Minor UI enhancements

  • Fixed issues submitted by Aidbox users

January 2024 2401

  • Data API

  • SDK

  • Security and access control

  • C-CDA / FHIR converter

    • Improved the C-CDA to FHIR conversion performance by 20%

    • Administered Medications mapping to/from MedicationAdministration FHIR resource

  • DevOps

  • Aidbox Forms

    • Questionnaire-based forms updates:

      • Form Builder

        • Added required constraints

        • Added hidden rules & enable-when conditions

        • Added scores for questions with coding

        • Added support for loading Questionnaire from file/text

        • Added tips for FHIRPath usage

        • Completed themes support

      • API

        • Added Configuration to disable FHIR SDC operations

        • Extended $populate operation to support Questionnaire root properties

        • Added operation to generating signed links for form filling

        • Added $populatelink FHIR SDC operation

      • Aidbox DSL-based forms updates

        • Fixed issues with concurrent save/submit UI operations

        • Fixed conversion of QuestionnaireResponse with included scores

November 2023 2311

October 2023 2310

September 2023 2309

August 2023 2308

  • Data API

  • Integrations

  • Security and access control

  • Aidbox user portal

    • Added the ability to specify a custom configuration project when creating a GCP Aidbox

  • UI

  • DevOps

    • Add metrics for Aidbox logs. Count of logs per log level

    • Implemented PG database backup verification tool, improved Grafana dashboards to show backup verification statuses

  • Aidbox Forms

    • Added basic Forms Accessibility (Screen Readers, Keyboard Navigation)

    • Improved mobile devices adaptation (form takes all visual space, buttons aligned in specific positions)

    • Improved UX of developer tools (inline errors, autocomplete, code folding, bracket matching)

July 2023 2307

June 2023 2306,LTS

May 2023 2305

April 2023 2304

March 2023 2303

February 2023 2302, LTS

  • Validation and Terminology

  • Data API

    • Implemented JSONPath Sort (previously there was fallback to jsonknife)

    • Implemented #>> operation to optimize some query types (enabled via env)

    • Improved _explain to show SQL even if the query failed with an error

    • Implemented handling of unique errors: it is now possible to enforce uniqueness on some combination of fields

    • Improved conformance of conditional queries

  • MDM (Master Data Management)

    • Fixed bugs with Python integration

  • C-CDA to FHIR converter

    • Introduced FHIR to CCD transformation (alpha)

  • Security and Access Control

  • Ops

  • Aidbox Forms

  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub integration

    • Added Setting to specify for what resources should trigger message publishing

    • Added Option to optimistically publish a message before the resource is saved to DB

January 2023 2301

December 2022 2212

November 2022 2211

October 2022 2210

September 2022 2209

August 2022 2208

July 2022 2207

June 2022 2206, LTS

May 2022 2205

April 2022 2204

March 2022 2203

February 2022 - 2202 , LTS

February 2022 - v:2202 is available as a long-term support version. End of life is April 2023.

  • Released a beta version of Aidbox API constructor that allows to define REST API granularly.

  • Added Access Control debug option: su header. It allows doing a request on behalf of a certain user.

  • Added Grafana dashboard RPC API that allows to get Aidbox metrics dashboards and import it to your Grafana.

  • Added _count, _total and _timeout environment variables to configure default values.

  • Improved logging for RPC and GraphQL calls.

  • Fixed Aidbox UI pretty view display.

  • Fixed issues submitted by Aidbox users.

  • Deprecated APM and JMX in default build. Please reach out to us if you're using it.

January 2022 - v:2201

Starting from January 2022 we're switching to a new release cycle. We added:latest and LTS (long-term support) versions. Check the updated release cycle.

  • Added FHIR R4 search parameters to zen FHIR packages (alpha) as a part of our roadmap to run Aidbox on managed PostgreSQL databases.

  • Released load-from-bucket import operation for huge imports that allows loading terabytes of data from an AWS bucket directly to the Aidbox database with maximum performance.

  • Added Aidbox UI new tools: DB Tables and DB Queries to improve database administration and introspection.

  • Added new env box_compatibility_validation_json__schema_regex="#{:fhir-datetime} to enable strict date time validation in JSON schema validation engine per FHIR spec.

  • Improved $export error statuses.

  • Added Search resource reference support.

  • Improved Search parameter expression error reporting.

  • Improved zen profiles support in GraphQL API.

  • Added Aidbox UI Analyze Attributes tab description.

December 2021 - v:2112

  • Added slicings support to zen FHIR profiles.

  • Added new community notebooks that demonstrate Aidbox functionality including Bulk export API, Aidbox terminology, Custom resources, etc.

  • Fixed bugs submitted by Aidbox users and updated the documentation.

November 2021 - v:2111

  • Implemented the $translate operation. So now you can translate code from one value set to another, based on the existing value set and concept maps resources, and/or other additional knowledge available to Aidbox.

  • Released FHIR bulk data export. Using $export you can export patient-level, group level or system-level data to GCP, AWS storage in ndjson format.

  • Extended Aidbox Access Policies to GraphQL API.

  • Released metrics server as an Aidbox component that implements the new metrics API for PostgreSQL, HikariCP and JVM metrics.

  • Added zen FHIR packages version check. Aidbox won't start if you use an outdated zen FHIR package.

  • Extended AuthConfig resource with forgotPasswordUrl attribute.

  • Added Aidbox, Multibox, Devbox and Aidboxdb multi-arch Images (ARM64 and AMD64) to resolve Apple Silicon M1 processors performance issues.

  • Added GraphQL access control and Aidbox Terminology community notebooks.

  • Added AIDBOX_COMPLIANCE mode that changes Aidbox behavior to pass HL7® FHIR Conformance Tests.

  • Fixed bugs submitted by Aidbox users and updated the documentation.

October 2021 - v:2110

  • Released new API for Bulk Data import. Using Aidbox.bulk you will be able to import data in both Aidbox and FHIR formats, validate uploaded resources and references asynchronously.

  • Added Smart App Launch sandbox to the Aidbox portal sample app.

  • Added zen FHIR packages that can be used to configure Aidboxes and validate resources against zen FHIR profiles. You can use your custom profiles, convert FHIR profiles to zen FHIR profiles or use zen FHIR packages released by our team:

    • FHIR R4

      • hl7-fhir-us-core - US Core

      • hl7-fhir-us-davinci-pdex - Payer Data Exchange (PDex)

      • hl7-fhir-us-davinci-pdex-plan-net - PDEX Payer Network

      • hl7-fhir-us-davinci-hrex - The Da Vinci Payer Health Record exchange (HRex)

      • hl7-fhir-us-davinci-drug-formulary - DaVinci Payer Data Exchange US Drug Formulary

      • hl7-fhir-us-carin-bb - CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange (CARIN IG for Blue Button®)

      • hl7-fhir-us-mcode - mCODE™ (short for Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements)

    • FHIR STU 3

      • nictiz-fhir-nl-stu3-zib2017 - Nictiz NL, including MedMij and HL7 NL

  • Added AIDBOX_DEV_MODE env that enables _debug=policy for access policy debugging. We'll add more functionality that will be available for development purposes and can be disabled on production.

  • Fixed bugs submitted by Aidbox users and updated documentation.

September 2021 - v:2109

  • Added Aidbox projects that can be used to configure Aidboxes and validate data. Basically, Aidbox project is a directory with zen-lang edn files that describe Aidbox configuration.

  • 5 FHIR compartments are available as default in Aidbox. More details on Compartments API.

  • Added Datadog integration URL configuration. So now you can specify in configuration if you want to use one of the following,,,

  • Added a tutorial on how to configure HL7 FHIR Da Vinci PDex Plan Net IG on Aidbox.

  • Supported SMART Application Launch Framework Implementation Guide: Patient Portal Launch, Patient Standalone Launch, Provider EHR Launch, Provider Standalone Launch. Check the sample.

August 2021 - v:2108

  • Released Aidbox Notebooks. Interactive notebooks for REST, SQL, RPC and Markdown. So now you can create your own notebooks or import community notebooks.

  • Released a beta version of zen profiling. Advanced profiling with zen-lang to configure Aidboxes and validate data.

  • Added Asynchronous Batch Validation mode to validate data in Aidbox against new profiles

  • Supported conditional patch (e.g.: PATCH /Patient?name=foo)

  • Added an environment variable to pass the environment to Datadog (dev/staging/prod).

  • Added history for $load and $import so now when using bulk import you have a source of truth for the history of every resource.

  • Added empty query params remove #238. Please pay attention when using json-schema access policy engine: Fields with empty values, such as [], {}, "", null, are removed before passing request into access policy processing. Make sure to add require check of the fields that are validated by a json schema

  • Fixed some bugs submitted by Aidbox users. Check it here.

July 2021 - v:2107

  • We've released a major Aidbox UI upgrade

  • Updated REST Console (check out the tutorial):

    • Explicit request headers content-type, accept etc

    • Show raw response

    • Added syntax highlight

  • Upgrade Aidbox Java version to 16.

  • Added, to the User grid to improve UX. #397.

  • Improved logging.

    • Reviewed and updated log event schema. The updated schema is available here.

    • Add w_r - templated request URL for better aggregation. For example, requests like GET /Patient/pt-1 will become GET /Patient/? thus allowing aggregate all read requests for monitoring.

    • Log additional DB metrics from Aidbox.Dev.

    • Added ELK, Kibana, and Grafana to Aidbox image. So now you can start exploring and analyzing logs from scratch. Check our tutorial on exploring and visualizing logs here.

  • We added a new auth mechanism for authorization Aidbox.Cloud and Aidbox.Multibox users by JWT.

  • Support for OKTA as an external OAuth 2.0 provider. Check out the tutorial.

  • Added Intercom so you can get help directly from your Aidbox.Dev or Aidbox.Cloud.

  • Added a guide on search performance optimization to our docs. Check it here.

June 2021 - v:20210610

  • Added support for Bulk API export in CSV. You can use /[resourceType]/$dump-csv endpoint to generate CSV file in which JSON resource structure is flattened into comma-separated format. Such an option for data export is useful for integrations with external EHR systems.

  • Added support for If-Match header in DELETE operation of FHIR REST API. If-Match is most often used to prevent accidental overwrites when multiple user agents might be acting in parallel on the same resource (i.e., to prevent the "lost update" problem).

  • Added support for additional mime types according to the FHIR specification Accept: application/fhir+json, Accept: application/json+fhir. When one of the headers is specified for your request, the same Content-Type header is returned by Aidbox.

  • Implemented integration with Datadog. Datadog offers cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform which integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, and log management for real-time observability of customers. You can configure it as storage for Aidbox logs. The detailed guide on how to use Datadog monitoring capabilities in your Aidbox-based system you can find here. This is an easy way to leverage HIPAA-compliant log management SaaS platform to unify logs, metrics, and traces in a single view.

  • Logs that are published on Aidbox startup are cleaned up from useless data.

  • SSL connection between Aidbox and PostgreSQL is now supported. Please, read the configuration instructions for more details.

  • Fixed a bug with race condition occurring during CRUD operations with If-Match header. Transaction rollback is implemented for the case when concurrent change happens to the resource.

  • Fixed a bug in the user management module when a second registration for a deleted user resulted in an error.

May 2021.04 - v:20210512

March 2021- v:20210412

February 2021 - v:20210319

  • Builds of aidboxdb for PostgreSQL 11.11, 12.6, 13.2 are released.

  • Aidbox now supports deployment on top of Azure PostgreSQL.

  • Improvements of $changes API: FHIR support, pagination, upper version limit. $changes is now available at the resource level.

  • Enhancement of Transaction Bundle API that allows to populate both resource and history tables in one transaction.

  • During transaction bundle processing attributes of url type that store relative references are now interpreted as Reference type. See the FHIR spec on Attachment data type for details.

  • Enhancement of Search resource that for token search allows fallback to default modifier implementation; (last example in the linked article)

  • Fixed issue with $dump and $dump-sql not allowing CORS requests

January 2021 - v:25012021

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