Aidbox automatically logs all auth, API, database and network events, so in most cases basic audit log may be derived from Aidbox logs.

In rare cases Aidbox logs are not enough for auditing. For instance, you'd like to track business-relevant events happening outside of Aidbox control.

Example. You may use the same patient search operation

GET /Patient?_sort=-lastUpdated&_count=100

for showing it on UI and for making reports. And from audit perspective you may consider it as different events.

In this case you may consider two options Aidbox provides.

FHIR AuditEvent

FHIR Standard introduced AuditEvent resource which into FHIR ecosystem. Aidbox provides comprehensive FHIR API for AuditEvent resource.

pageAudit Log

Extending Aidbox Logs

Aidbox allows you to enhance logs with your own data and push your own logs into Aidbox stream along with its internal logs.

pageExtending Aidbox Logs

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