Azure AD with certificate authentication

This guide shows how to set-up Azure AD identity provider in Aidbox with asymmetric authentication

This guide explains how to set-up Azure AD identity provider in Aidbox with an asymmetric authentication mechanism. If you are looking for symmetric (secret-based one), please, follow Azure AD guide.

Register an application in Azure

  • Find App Registration in search bar

  • Click New Registration

  • Fill form. For Redirect URI choose web as a platform and input https://<box-url>/auth/callback/azure

Create IdentityProvider in Aidbox

Open REST console in Aidbox UI and create IdentityProvider

POST /IdentityProvider
content-type: text/yaml
accept: text/yaml

id: azure
title: Azure AD
active: true
  - profile
  - openid
system: azure
userinfo_endpoint: <your userinfo endpoint>
authorize_endpoint: <your authorization endpoint>
token_endpoint: <your token endpoint>
  id: <your application (client) id>

You can find application (client) id on App Overview page

and your endpoints by clicking on Endpoints and visiting OpenID Connect metadata document

Issue certificate

Once IdentityProvider resource is created in Aidbox, you can generate private key & certificate:

POST /IdentityProvider/azure/$rotate-credentials
content-type: text/yaml
accept: text/yaml

auth-method: asymmetric
confirm: true

# response 200 OK
# Private key & certificate are generated and saved in the IdentityProvider

Aidbox generates certificate for 365 days.

Than you may download the certificate in order to upload it to Azure AD by following the link


Upload the certificate into Azure AD

It may take few minutes when Azure starts processing the uploaded certificate.

Log in to Aidbox

Go to your Aidbox base URL. You will be redirected to the log in page where you should now see Sign in with Azure AD button. Press this button and log in with Azure AD user. This user will be logged in to Aidbox Console but he won’t have any permissions. Read more in Access Control Section about permissions.

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