Seed Import

You can declare a set of resources in Aidbox project and get them loaded in one or many Aidboxes on start. To do this you need to describe the seed service in the system entrypoint.


{ns importbox
import #{aidbox
{:zen/tags #{aidbox/service}
:engine aidbox/seed
:files ["patients.ndjson.gz"]
:resources [{:id "rpt-1" :resourceType "Patient"}
{:id "rpt-2" :resourceType "Patient"}]
:migrations [{:id "mig-1" :sql "create table mytable (id text)"}
{:id "mig-2" :sql "insert into mytable values ('hello')"}]}
{:zen/tags #{aidbox/system}
:zen/desc "Import box for test"
:services {:seed seed}}}
In this example importbox/importbox is the system entrypoint defined in the AIDBOX_ZEN_ENTRYPOINT variable, the files described in the :files field are located inside the zen project defined in the variable AIDBOX_ZEN_PATHS.

Seed Service

:files - which ndjson.gz files will be imported at system startup. These files must be located inside the zen project described in the variable AIDBOX_ZEN_PATHS.
:resources - in-place resources definitions that will be imported at system startup.
:migrations — vector of migrations. Each migration is a map containing id and sql keys.
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