Сhanging data after form signing

Overview of addendum scenario

There are two scenarios when you can do amendmets after signing the form.

  • The first one, if you can't change data then you have the ability to add the addendum note, in this case you don't need to unlock the form.

  • The second one, if you have the ability to change data then you need to unlock the form, change data and sign the form agian.

Addendum module defines new resource SDCAddendum which contains any additional information about SDCWorkflow, SDCDocument resources.

With this module implemented several secondary or maintenance features of SDCForms

  • History of document/workflow with snapshots on important points

  • Amendment analysis with diff between snapshots

  • Addendum Note with free text

  • Comments, related to workflow/document

SDCAddendum has next basic keys in resource.

Also every Addendum Type has additional keys.


resourceType: SDCAddendum
type: "aidbox.sdc.addendum/History"
target: {id: "doc-1", resourceType "SDCDocument"}
user: {id: "user-1", resourceType "User"}
date: "2022-10-10T10:10:11.000Z"
status: "in-amendment"
changed: false
snapshot: {...}

You can use Addendum API

  • create-addendum - creates custom addendum resource for given source (SDCDocument/SDCWorkflow)

  • add-note - creates addendum Note for SDCDocument/SDCWorkflow

  • add-to-history - add history addendum for resource for given status. When resource in status completed/amended - snapshot can be saved (if resource is differs)

  • add-comment - add comment for document/workflow with optional path to commented value in resource

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