HL7 FHIR Da Vinci PDex Plan Net IG

Learn how to enable PDex Plan Net IG

In this tutorial, we'll explain how to configure Aidbox for the Da Vinci PDex Plan Net Implementation Guide (PDex IG) and pass Touchstone tests.

If you decide to run touchstone test, make sure you run only JSON tests.

To comply with the implementation guide you need to load PlanNet profiles and create SearchParameters. Aidbox registers extensions for the loaded profiles on the fly.

To get TouchStone compliant Aidbox you can use configuration from the Aidbox samples repository.

Using the Aidbox samples repository

Clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/Aidbox/aidbox-project-samples.git

Copy the .env.tpl file as .env file and add your base url, Aidbox license key and id to it.

Set up:

make plannet-setup

Now the Aidbox with the implementation guide loaded is started. Internally it loads PlanNet profiles and search parameters, then loads sample data.

Alternatively you can load profiles, search parameters and the sample data in your existing Aidbox.

To load profiles you need to add these variables to your Aidbox environment


To load search parameters and sample data you can use script from the Aidbox samples repo. Change these lines in your .env file


Then run

make plannet-data-load

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