IG Package from Aidbox Registry

Instructions for uploading the FHIR Implementation Guide from the Aidbox Registry in the Aidbox UI

Aidbox has its own registry of IG packages with guaranteed uptime. The content of the registry is synchronized daily, fetching available public packages.

You can explore the list of available packages in the registry here:

pageAidbox FHIR IGs Registry

1. Run Aidbox with FHIR Schema Validation Engine

pageSetup Aidbox with FHIR Schema validation engine

2. Open the Aidbox UI

  1. Navigate to the FHIR Packages page

  2. Go to the Import FHIR Package sidebar section

  3. Choose a package via the dropdown from the "Choose packages from the registry" section

  4. Click on Submit button

Other methods for loading IGs here:

pageUpload FHIR Implementation Guide

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