UploadFIG Tool

Step-by-step guide to upload an FHIR Implementation Guide into Aidbox using the open-source UploadFIG

1. Setup Aidbox

Set up Aidbox with the FHIR Schema validation engine. Following the guide below:

pageSetup Aidbox with FHIR Schema validation engine

2. Setup UploadFIG

To get started with the UploadFIG, you'll first need to install Dotnet and download uploadfig. Follow the commands below or refer to the original UploadFIG Installation guide:

$ brew install dotnet
$ dotnet tool install uploadfig --global
$ export PATH="$PATH:/Users/<USER_NAME>/.dotnet/tools"

After installation, verify that the is correctly installed:

UploadFIG --version

These steps ensure that you have the necessary tools installed and configured to use the UploadFIG effectively.

3. Get Bearer Access Token

3.1 Exchange client id and client secret for Access Token

To obtain an Access Token, you need to exchange your client ID and client secret. Use the following command:

Aidbox REST Console
POST /auth/token

client_id: root
client_secret: secret
grant_type: client_credentials

This command will generate an Access Token that you'll need for authentication.

3.2 Copy Access Token from output

After executing the command, you'll receive a response containing the Access Token. Copy the access_token for later use.

token_type: Bearer
need_patient_banner: true
access_token: ZjU1YjMyYTQtYWUzZi00NWU1LWFkYjctMWMxMGI4ZGYyMGVj # Access Token

4. Upload Implementation Guide

To upload the IG, you need to specify the base URL of your Aidbox instance, along with the name and version of the package you wish to upload.

Additionally, provide the Bearer token obtained from the previous section for authentication.

Use the following command with UploadFIG:

UploadFIG \
-d http://localhost:8765/fhir \
-pid hl7.fhir.us.davinci-pdex \
-pv 2.0.0 \
-df json \
-dh "Authorization:Bearer ZjU1YjMyYTQtYWUzZi00NWU1LWFkYjctMWMxMGI4ZGYyMGVj" \

This command initiates the upload process, sending the specified IG package to your Aidbox instance

Learn about other methods for loading IGs here:

pageUpload FHIR Implementation Guide

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