Form creation

This article outlines the overview of UI Builder interface

UI Builder interface overview

When creating a form in the UI builder, the interface includes the following components:

  1. Work Area ( left Side ):

    • Displays the form outline, showing the structure of the form and the properties of the form and its widgets and components.

    • Users can add, remove, or modify form widgets and components.

  2. Form Preview ( right Side ):

    • Shows the form itself, reflecting changes made in the form outline in real-time.

    • Users can test this form by filling it out directly.

  3. Debug Console ( at the bottom ) :

    • Debug console allows users to view the Questionnaire resource. Each form is presented as a Questionnaire resource and saved in a database.

    • Users can view the QuestionnaireResponse resource. Data from the form is saved in a QuestionnaireResponse resource in a database.

    • Pre-filling the form with existing data is possible for testing purposes on Population tab.

    • Users can view how data will be extracted to other FHIR resources on Extraction tab.

  4. Toolbar ( at the top ):

    • The toolbar contains buttons for various actions.

    • Users can view a preview of the form, set a theme for the form, save the form, and access additional actions.

This interface provides users with the tools needed to create, test, and manage forms effectively.

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