Getting started

This article outlines the basic steps to get started with Aidbox Forms

You can try the Aidbox Forms module, edit test forms, create new ones, see how the data will be saved to the database and extracted, for this you need to run the Aidbox Forms in Aidbox Sandbox. At the same time, you can run the Aidbox Forms locally.

Run Aidbox Forms in Aidbox Sandbox

Create a license on Aidbox portal

  • Sign up on Aidbox portal

  • Create a license: licence type - production or development, hosting - in Cloud (for free)

Start playing with Aidbox Forms

  • Go to Aidbox portal, find your license in the "Personal project licenses" list. Click on your new license and navigate to the "URL" link in the "Hosting" box.

  • Press the button Forms in the Aidbox console in browser

  • Play with forms

Run Aidbox Forms locally

Create a license on Aidbox portal

  • Sign up on Aidbox portal

  • Create a license: licence type - development, hosting - self-hosted

  • Copy and save a license key

Configure Aidbox project

  1. You need to have the following software installed:

  • docker

  • docker-compose

  • text editor with color highlighting (recommended VSCode editor with zen-lsp plugin)

  • any modern web-browser

  • git

  • make

  • npm

2. Run Aidbox locally

3. Clone aidbox-zen-sdc repository

4. Configure project with a license. You need to create .env file in the root of repository (by copying from .env.tpl) and update AIDBOX_LICENSE with the generated license key that you saved

5. Run make init to initialize project

6. Run in the terminal make up in the root of repository

7. Open Aidbox console in browser http://localhost:8080/ , using login / password - admin / password

8. Go to forms by pressing the button Forms (or by visiting http://localhost:8080/ui/sdc )

9. To finish development you can run make down to shutdown all services.

You can edit zen files in zrc directory and they will be automatically reloaded

Start form designing

You have three options how to design form

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