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Learn how to get up and running with the Aidbox FHIR platform.


Aidbox is a FHIR backend platform that lets you build digital health solutions rapidly, saving up to 70% of development time and costs at the start.


Discover how to start with Aidbox in just a few minutes.
Start in the cloud
Run SaaS Aidbox for free and explore it through built-in tutorials.
Run Aidbox locally
Download and run Aidbox locally. Explore it through interactive tutorials.
Use Aidbox with React
Develop your first app on top of Aidbox with the sample React App.


FHIR Database
Store data in an FHIR format and query with SQL
FHIR API & Others
Work with data via FHIR API, GraphQL, Subscriptions
Access Control
File Storage
Place unstructured data, archives, backups in S3
Bulk API
Import and export data effectively with Bulk API
HIPAA features
Become compliant with built-in technical safeguards


Form Builder
Design and publish complex forms to collect data in the FHIR format
MPI Module
Identify and reduce data duplication with ML-based Master Patient Index
Terminology Server
Manage internal and external code systems in one place
in progress
Billing Module
Automate billing processes with backbone solution based on FHIR and X12
Learn more (soon)
in progress
Workflow Engine
Automate business processes with task and workflow features
HL7 v2/FHIR Converter
Enrich your ETL pipelines with the ready-to-use converter
C-CDA/FHIR Converter
Plug the bidirectional converter in your integration flow
in progress
X12/FHIR Converter
Use bidirectional X12 converter to integrate with clearinghouses
Learn more (soon)


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