To restore archived data you should start restoration process with /execution/aidbox.archive/restore-archive task.

Make sure that archived data is deleted from your database before restoring it. You can make this automatically with pruneArchivedData parameter of create-archive request.

Restoring data that already stored in your database may cause duplication exceptions.

restore-archive properties:

POST /execution/aidbox.archive/restore-archive
accept: text/yaml
content-type: text/yaml

archiveId: cd4d62de-10fb-452f-84c1-52ce9d6300f7

To fetch status of the task make /execution/aidbox.archive/restore-archive/[task_id] request with id from restore-archive response:

GET /execution/aidbox.archive/restore-archive/ff0fa264-bad5-48f9-b4b3-f9588a64265f
accept: text/yaml
content-type: text/yaml

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