SDK internals

This page is for SDK developers

You can extend aidbox with Apps. App can work with one box or many boxes. App is a REST service, which talks with Aidbox through simple REST protocol. App can work with one box or many boxes. Protocol details are abstracted by SDK.

Initialisation workflow

First of all, App should register itself in a box.

Single box app

For single box, app has credentials to a specific box:

  1. At app start it sends init message to box with his endpoint url and app secret

  2. Box sends init message to app with box coordinates (box url, client_id, client_secret), in response App upload Manifest into box

Aidbox app

App registered by hands in aidbox with specific client id and secret as well app secret

  1. When app has started, it sends init message into aidbox init uri

  2. Aidbox checks for which boxes this app is registered

  3. For each box it calls "Single box app: phase 2".

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