Import via FTR

Aidbox Configuration project is used to configure Aidbox with various features. One of the things it’s used for is providing Aidbox with external terminologies.

Import terminologies using FTR

FHIR Terminology Repository, or FTR, is an efficient way to store and handle terminologies. It is the recommended way to work with CodeSystem and ValueSet resources in Aidbox. You can start using it by providing Aidbox Configuration project set up with FTR.

Create an FTR instance

Import terminology bundles

This approach is deprecated. Its support may end in the near future.

Specify path or url to zen terminology bundle in AIDBOX_ZEN_PATHS environment variable. Source is either url or path. url is used to download Aidbox project from a remote location; path is used to load Aidbox project from the filesystem. Aidbox imports terminology bundles found in zen paths. Bundles are just .ndjson.gz files with filenames matching *terminology-bundle.ndjson.gz wildcard. By default, the import is done asynchronously and you can track the progress. In some cases (e.g CI/CD pipeline) you might want to override such behavior. Setting BOX_FEATURES_TERMINOLOGY_IMPORT_SYNC environment variable will change the import mode to synchronous.

Import terminology bundle from local system using Aidbox project

Aidbox reads files from Aidbox projects on startup and imports files whose names end with terminology-bundle.ndjson.gz .

For example, path to terminology bundle GZIP fie is: /my/aidbox/project/my-terminology-bundle.ndjson.gz.

To load the terminology bundle into Aidbox set the following environment variables:


You can read more about AIDBOX_ZEN_PATHS and BOX_FEATURES_FTR_PULL_ENABLE in our configuration reference.

Make sure that your Aidbox container has access to the specified path on your system.

Import terminology bundle from a remote location

Zip-archive your terminology bundle that is my-terminology-budnle.ndjson.gz file in file.

Upload your to a remote server e.g.

Set AIDBOX_ZEN_PATHS environment variable:


Aidbox will import terminology from the specified path on start.

Track import progress

Aidbox offers an RPC method to track the async import progress. The response shows bundles in the import queue, failed imports and currently importing bundle.


POST /rpc
content-type: text/yaml

method: aidbox.zen/terminology-bundle-import-status
params: {}

Response example:

    - hl7-fhir-us-core-terminology-bundle.ndjson.gz
    - us-nlm-vsac-terminology-bundle.ndjson.gz
    - hl7-fhir-r4-core-terminology-bundle.ndjson.gz

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