APM Aidbox

Learn how to implement APM in Aidbox via Kibana

Please pay attention! APM via Kibana is deprecated starting from February 2022 release

First step to get started with APM is to read official tutorial:

To setup Aidbox monitoring please read this article.

After you've successfully installed APM URL, you can see APM in main Kibana menu and in services submenu you can see Aidbox. Refer to below screenshots:

Enable APM for 2202 and later versions

Starting with version 2206 and later, Aidbox does not contain an APM agent inside the container. You can include it in your own container's Aidbox build.

FROM healthsamurai/aidboxone:<VERSION>
COPY --from=docker.elastic.co/observability/apm-agent-java:latest /usr/agent/elastic-apm-agent.jar /app/elastic-apm-agent.jar

After that, you can run Aidbox with APM as previously with JAVA_OPTS env variable


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