Patient data access API

Safe API for Patient and their resources

Patient level access control in Aidbox allows for the restriction of access to data based on the patient to which it belongs. This means that when users interact with the Patient FHIR API, they are only able to access the resources that belong to a certain patient only.


Robust API for patient data access, ensuring that access is strictly limited to data associated with a designated patient. All other patient data is inaccessible through this API.


The API for patient-related resources manages the patient's context in which the request is made and denies access to resources that belong to a different patient.

A resource type is deemed patient-related if it has a search parameter named patient. Custom Aidbox resource type may also be patient-related.

Patient context in the request

There are two way to define patient context in a request:

  1. Create a user session in Aidbox with a patient field that links to a Patient resource. Aidbox will automatically populate this field during the user login process if User.fhirUser is a link to a Patient resource.

  2. Add X-Patient-id header to the request


Let's create two patients and Observations for a first patient.

status: 200 OK
content-type: text/yaml

- id: pt-1
  resourceType: Patient
- id: pt-2
  resourceType: Patient
- id: obs-1
  resourceType: Observation
  status: registered
    - system:
      code: 15074-8
      display: Glucose [Moles/volume] in Blood
    resourceType: Patient
    id: pt-1

Let's play with a new FHIR API.

Patients able to read their resources

status: 200 OK
GET /patient/fhir/Observation/obs-1
X-Patient-id: pt-1

Patients unable to read their resources

status: 404 Not found
GET /patient/fhir/Observation/obs-1
X-Patient-id: pt-2
GET /patient/fhir/Observation
X-Patient-id: pt-1
GET /patient/fhir/Observation
X-Patient-id: pt-2

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