This section of the documentation describes how to create, read, update, and delete resources. Also, it covers some advanced topics like conditional create, update, and delete.

Aidbox provides two REST APIs - FHIR and Aidbox. The main difference is a format of resources. Base URL for FHIR API is /fhir and for Aidbox /

All sample requests can be run from the Postman collection:Run in Postman


A resource is an object with a type, associated data, relationships to other resources, and a set of methods that operate on it (information about that can be found in FHIR specification). In most cases, a resource is represented as a JSON/XML/YAML document.

Each resource has its own resource type, this type defines a set of data that can be stored with this resource, and possible relationships with other resources.

Attribute is a part of the resource definition, which describes what fields can or must be present in the resource document, type of such fields, and their cardinality.

Every resource type has the same set of interactions available. These interactions are described below.

Each interaction can fail with:

  • 403 Forbidden — client is not authorized to perform the interaction

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