To delete data that has been archived from your Aidbox database you can make /execution/aidbox.archive/prune-archived-data request. You also can make this automatically with pruneArchivedData parameter of create-archive request.

prune-archived-data properties:



archiveId property of succeeded create-archive response if it archived at least 1 row.

POST /execution/aidbox.archive/prune-archived-data
accept: text/yaml
content-type: text/yaml

archiveId: ace351aa-ad5a-44a7-8314-532628e7d9ae

To fetch status of the task make /execution/aidbox.archive/prune-archived-data/[task_id] request with id from prune-archived-data response:

GET /execution/aidbox.archive/prune-archived-data/51991757-8c7f-4d1c-9a49-16dbd6b68fae
accept: text/yaml
content-type: text/yaml

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