FHIR versions

FHIR versions support

Aidbox Forms module supports FHIR versions 4.0.0 to 5.0.0. FHIR version used is taken from the Aidbox. (Data can be stored only on that version)

However, you can load/import questionnaires with FHIR versions ranging from 3.0.0 to 5.x. Our module automatically checks the Questionnaire version and handles conversion as needed.

FHIR Version configuration

To configure Aidbox FHIR version you can read Required ENV variables section.

Import/load questionnare with conversion

  • Load Questionnaire can be done through Form Builder UI > 3 dots menu > Load

  • Import can be done via - Form Templates Page > Create template > Import Quetionnaire

If Questionnaire's version differs from Aidbox's - you will be notified about this and conversion will be made.

WARN: some data may be lost due conversion

Because of versions incompatibility - some data may be stripped out.

5.x.x -> 4.x.x

  • Questionnaire.copyrightLabel

  • Questionnaire.versionAlgorithm[x]

  • Questionnaire.item.optionsConstraint = 'optionsOrType'

3.x.x -> 4.x.x

  • Questionnaire.item.answerOptions.[valueUri/valueAttachement]

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