Configure Audit Log

This page explains how to configure Aidbox to record audit events that occur within the system
This guide shows you how to enable audit logging in Aidbox and receive audit logs within FHIR API and Audit log viewer UI application. It is expected, that you have Aidbox up & running in accordance to Run Aidbox locally guide.

Enable audit logging in aidbox configuration project

To enable audit logging in Aidbox, import aidbox.audit-record-repository and describe :audit in your aidbox/system entry point:
{ns main
import #{aidbox
aidbox.audit-record-repository} ;; Add import aidbox.audit-record-repository
{:zen/tags #{aidbox/system}
:audit {:storage "AuditEvent"} ;; Add this line to your aidbox project
Once the configuration is updated, start Aidbox.

Run some auditable operations

To force Aidbox produce audit events, run any FHIR CRUD operation, e.g.
POST /Patient
content-type: text/yaml
accept: text/yaml
- given: [John]
family: Smith
# 201 Created

Find audit logs with FHIR API

To see audit logs with FHIR API, run GET /fhir/AuditEvent?_sort=-createdAt

Find audit logs with Audit log viewer application

To see audit logs with Audit event viewer app, go to Aidbox Console UI → Audit events.
And find the audit event, produced by patient create operation.

Talk to a Health Samurai Engineer

If you'd like to learn more about using Aidbox or have any questions about this guide, connect with us on Telegram. We're happy to help.
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