The Bundle resource is a container for a collection of resources and optionally additional info
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The Bundle resource has a variety of different applications. Usage of bundles by different endpoints:
  • POST / Accepts bundles of certain types and executes REST requests contained in them. Returns bundles with transaction-response or batch-response types.
  • POST /Bundle, PUT /Bundle/<id> Accepts a bundle and saves it as a regular resource regardless of its type. Returns the saved resource.
  • GET /<resourceType> Searches for resources of specified resource type. Returns bundle of searchset type.
  • GET /<resourceType>/_history, GET /<resourceType>/<id>/_history Searches for previous versions of the specified resource or resource type Returns bundle of history type.

POST / endpoint

Aidbox supports FHIR batch/transaction interaction, as well as some additional options to this endpoint.
content-type: text/yaml
accept: text/yaml
resourceType: Bundle
type: <type>
Behavior of the endpoint depends on the type of a bundle resource provided in a request body.
Supported type values:
  • transaction Executes provided rest requests in a transaction. In case of an entry execution error the whole transaction is rolled back and the error is returned in the response. Returns transaction-response type bundle.
  • batch Executes provided rest requests, execution doesn't stop on error, all results and errors are returned in the response. Returns batch-response type bundle.
  • collection Works the same way as the batch type, but does PUT /<resourceType>/<id> for each resource in entry. Returns batch-response type bundle.