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Migrate to git Aidbox Configuration Projects

November 2022 release of Aidbox comes with a couple of features to reduce the startup time when using FHIR IG packages. First, we prepared a new version for our distribution of those packages which allows for their more efficient load into the Aidbox. Second, for those using configuration projects, it is now possible to remount downloaded IGs.

How to use new FHIR IG packages?

If you are using configuration projects

Just update their version so that it is at least 0.6.0. You can see the latest version on the Releases page.

If you are using AIDBOX_ZEN_PATHS

zen-lang/fhir urls

All urls associated with the zen-lang/fhir GitHub repository should be removed. All standalone packages represented as zip archives have been migrated to the new zen-package format, now you can specify desired IG's via AIDBOX_ZEN_PACKAGE_LOAD environment variable or via zen-package.edn.
Add a new environment variable AIDBOX_ZEN_PACKAGE_LOAD="{:deps {hl7-fhir-us-core \"\"}}"
:deps should list all the IGs that were in AIDBOX_ZEN_PATHS but with their URLs changed to a corresponding repository from our list of packages repositories.
If your AIDBOX_ZEN_PATHS looks like
thenAIDBOX_ZEN_PACKAGE_LOAD should be equal to
{hl7-fhir-us-core \"\",
hl7-fhir-us-carin-bb \"\"}}

IGs outside of zen-lang/fhir

If you have urls pointing to IGs hosted outside the zen-lang/fhir repo, you should also remove them, recompile those IGs into zen-packages and store them on a filesystem or any git repo server.
Compile IG to zen-package. Download zen-fhir.jar CLI utility, which can be found there under following name pattern zen-fhir-<release-tag>-standalone.jar.
Create and open directory:
mkdir zen-profiling && cd zen-profiling && mkdir output
Get the tarball link for the desired IG, in this example we will use, although it is already presented in the zen-packages gallery. This step is unnecessary if you already have a folder containing the IG and its dependencies:
npm --registry view
Copy resulting tarball link and install this IG:
npm --registry install
Convert downloaded IGs to zen-packages if you want to process each provided IG omit -m option, but if you provide additional IGs as dependencies, select the main package (via -m option) to which all transformations will be applied:
java -jar -Xmx8g ~/Downloads/zen-fhir.jar ig-to-zenpackage -i node_modules -o output -m
You can store resulting repo on a file system or any git repository servers (e.g. Github, Gitlab, etc.)
List such dependencies using AIDBOX_ZEN_PACKAGE_LOAD:
{hl7-fhir-us-davinci-pdex \"path/to/git/repo/"}}

If you have zip with zen configuration files

In this guide you will find instructions on how to create zen-packages and how to store/import your zen-configs. As a result, you will get a zen-package that can be stored on a filesystem or git repo server, so you can easily declare this package as a dependency in your AIDBOX_ZEN_PACKAGE_LOAD or BOX_PROJECT_GIT_TARGET__PATH.