Local IG Package

Upload a Local IG Package from Your Computer to Aidbox

Aidbox allows you to upload a package from your computer even in offline mode. The file must be in .targz format.

If the package includes dependencies, they can either be included in the upload or automatically downloaded from the Aidbox Registry when online.

1. Run Aidbox with FHIR Schema Validation Engine

pageSetup Aidbox with FHIR Schema validation engine

2. Open the Aidbox UI

  1. Navigate to the FHIR Packages page.

  2. Go to the Import FHIR Package sidebar section.

  3. Click the "Choose files" button in the "Upload package .targz files" section.

  4. Click Submit button.

Learn about other methods for loading IGs here:

pageUpload FHIR Implementation Guide

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