Power BI

Export Aidbox data to Power BI


  • Use stable, latest or edge Aidbox version

  • Set up the correct Aidbox instance URL in AIDBOX_BASE_URL environment variable

  • Set AIDBOX_COMPLIANCE environment variable

Authenticate Power BI connection in Aidbox

Power BI offers two authentication modes:

Anonymous access

This mode requires you to have your data publicly available. Power BI needs access to FHIR read operation GET /fhir/<resourceType> . AccessPolicy to make your data publicly available via FHIR read operation:

id: allow-read-all-resources
resourceType: AccessPolicy
  - id: FhirRead
    resourceType: Operation
engine: allow

Azure Active Directory (organizational) authentication

Configure integration with Azure Active Directory that provides organizational authentication.

pageAzure AD

Connect Power BI to Aidbox

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