Run Aidbox locally

Follow these steps to launch Aidbox locally using Docker


Please make sure that both Docker & Docker Compose are installed.


1. Create a directory

mkdir aidbox && cd aidbox

2. Run Aidbox on Docker

curl -JO && docker compose up

This command downloads the Aidbox script and starts Aidbox using Docker Compose.

3. Access Aidbox

Open in browser http://localhost:8080/

4. Activate your Aidbox instance

  • Using AidboxID AidboxID is a unique identifier within the Aidbox ecosystem used for product activation

  • Using Aidbox license Aidbox license can be issued on the Aidbox user portal. More about Aidbox licenses here.

5. Discover Aidbox features using Notebooks

Use Getting Started Notebooks to explore basic Aidbox features

Aidbox Notebooks

Notebooks are interactive tutorials within the Aidbox UI with built-in REST, RPC, and SQL editors and the ability to execute requests and queries on the fly and see the result. You can use pre-built or create your own Notebooks. Learn more.

Next Steps

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