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Release notes for years 2019-2020



0.4.9 [9 March 2020]


0.4.8 [16 December 2019]


Plenty of bug fixes!

0.4.7 [26 September 2019]


Now references to contained resources are represented as localRef attribute in Aidbox Format

  • Managed SQL for FHIR search by SearchQuery

  • A default timeout for Search Operations with _timeout param for high-load

  • Ordered search in $lookup

  • microseconds precision for timestamps (Resource.meta.lastUpdated)

  • Better Aidbox <=> FHIR conversion for first-class extensions

  • Added JWT sub & iss and client IP address to logs

  • aidbox-cli elastic search logger now creates a new index for each day

  • Upgrade/Fix PATCH to be fully RFC conformant

  • Added X-Client-Auth header

  • Added cts column (createdAt) to resources (read more).

  • Entity.history='none' for custom resources to turn-off history

  • Unique validation by isUnique=true in Attribute

  • New Test toolkit stresty to report bugs and test regression (see samples).

0.4.6 [2 August 2019]

It's time to upgrade your database - please stop your container and change image to aidbox/db:11.4.0 !


  • In REST Console support for multiline URL line using \

  • New /<RT>/$lookup operation for efficient lookup search in millions of records - read more

  • AidboxQuery extended with count-query and params types and defaults

  • New /<RT>/$load and /$load bulk operations were added and $import was upgraded

  • aidbox/db upgrade to 11.4 + fixes in json_knife pg extension - (deep patterns, indexes)

  • Highlighted logs for humans in Aidbox.Dev by default: docker logs -f <your-box-container>

0.4.5 [3 July 2019]


0.4.4 [17 June 2019]


  • Support for RFC-7662 Token Introspection with TokenIntrospector resource. JwtAuthenticator is now TokenIntrospector as well with type=jwt

  • GraphQL Alpha - see GraphQL in Aidbox user interface

0.4.3 [20 May 2019]


  • Sequence API - use PostgreSQL sequences through REST API

  • Operation bound policy in App manifest

  • Clear resources deleted in App manifest (#70)

  • Bulk load terminologies - tutorial

  • Logs from Aidbox to ElasticSearch - tutorial

Bug Fixes

  • Sort by polymorphic elements (#90)

  • Fix ge and le operators for date search (#85)

  • Search _has and param name with dash (#95)

0.4.2 [22 April 2019]


Bug Fixes

  • Auth first_party JWT session

  • html sanitise in Narrative

  • Fix date validation

  • Better validation error reporting

0.4.1 [8 April 2019]

This release is mostly dedicated to stabilisation of new auth module. Check-out it's documentation!


  • Support for _txid parameter and ETAG header for history pooling

  • Support for X-HTTP-Method-Override header for inflexible http clients

  • Support X-Correlation-Id and X-Request-Id headers

Bug Fixes

  • Reference search with :identifier - #47

  • Support for isOpen for applications - #69

  • Failure of search with invalid search param - #65

  • FHIR transaction endpoint urls without / - #62

  • Search: multiple _sort parameters - #73

0.4.0 [22 March 2019]


  • New Auth module (OAuth2, OpenID Connect and SCIM implementations)

  • Web UI for Aidbox.Dev

  • Migrate to Java 11

  • Clusters in Cloud

Breaking Changes

  • Auth module endpoint's changed oauth => auth

  • Structure of Auth Client and User changed

  • Turn-off insecure Aidbox.Dev start - now you have to provide AIDBOX_CLIENT_ID and AIDBOX_CLIENT_SECRET

Bug fixes

  • Fix search by reference with :identifier modifier

  • Fix value when performing search inside Compartment

  • #51 Fix CodeSystem create on /fhir api

  • #49 Fix _sort with dashes in parameter name

0.3.5 Hotfix

  • #51 - Fix CodeSystem create on /fhir api


  • Subscriptions $poll operation and webhook channel: Subscriptions;

  • Fixed Aidbox to FHIR data transformation bug when polymorphic attributes wasn't properly handled in recursive elements such as QuestionnaireResponse.item

  • Support _total search parameter (_totalMethod=count also works)

  • Support page search parameter (_page - also works)

  • Added $query - SQL query into REST Endpoint

  • _query - custom search related to resourceType

  • Implemented Compartments for requests like /fhir/Patient/xxx/Observation; Compartments are defined with CompartmentDefinition resource

  • Observation/$lastn is accessible as a part of Patient's compartment: /fhir/Patient/ID/Observation/$lastn

  • Implemented :iterate modifier for _include search parameter

  • Refactored FHIR search engine internals to leverage PostgreSQL's GIN index

  • Add Box-Name headers (allows to specify box, without changing the url)

  • Implement full-text search with RUM indices (requires PostgreSQL 11 with the rum extension)

  • Experimental support for FHIR 4 resources and search parameters

  • Experimental XML support for endpoints starting with /fhir/ prefix


  • Introduced refresh tokens into oauth module;

  • Implemented /Observation/$lastn and /fhir/Observation/$lastn endpoints;

  • Support __debug=policy parameter to inspect and debug request authorization layer;

  • CapabilityStatement metadata endpoint;

  • Added If-Match header support for atomic updates;

  • Fix metadata migration bug (fixes issues #16 and #6)

  • Added complex engine for AccessPolicy resource


  • Started to reflect all the changes in the CHANGELOG.

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