Public URL to IG Package

Instructions on how to upload the FHIR Implementation Guide by specifying a URL in the Aidbox UI

Aidbox allows you to upload an arbitrary FHIR Implementation Guide by referring to it by URL. The IG must be in .targz format

1. Run Aidbox with FHIR Schema Validation Engine

pageSetup Aidbox with FHIR Schema validation engine

2. Open the Aidbox UI

  1. Navigate to the FHIR Packages page.

  2. Go to the Import FHIR Package sidebar section.

  3. Enter the public Package URL via the input from the "Provide URLs to package .targz files" section

    Example #1:

    Example #2:

  4. Click Submit button.

Other methods for loading IGs here:

pageUpload FHIR Implementation Guide

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