How can I load lots of data at a time with Aidbox API?

You can use Bulk API for that.

How to increase speed/performance for requests with complex parameters?

Create indexes for that.

Does Aidbox support 2-factor authentication?

Yes, please, check out the documentation.

How to create a SearchParameter for extensions on a property in a resource?

You can create custom search parameters for extensions and to make SearchParameter easier to write you can also define attributes.

I’m building a request with revinclude. Is it possible to also apply a search for the included resource in that request?

In the FHIR Search API, this is called chained parameters. Read the details here and here.

Aidbox appears to have a POST size limit of 20 MB by default. Is this configurable?

You can change the size limit by editing this environment variable. However, for sizable data, we recommend using Bulk API.

I don't want to use BASIC authentication for security reasons. What can I use instead?

We suggest OAuth implementation in the Client Credentials Grant. You need to use “Client Credentials Grant + Access Policy”:

An example of a query that doesn't work:

GET /DocumentReference?patient=https://my.aidbox.app/Patient/1234

It’s called an absolute reference. Aidbox doesn't work with absolute references because the logic can become very tricky since these references can point to external servers.

Use relative references instead: GET /DocumentReference?patient=Patient/1234

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