Subscribe to new Patient resource

From this tutorial you will learn how to make Aidbox notify your service when a new Patient resource is created using Subscription module.
Aidbox subscriptions module is a way to subscribe and get notifications about updating resources on server. It introduces two new resourceTypes into Aidbox:
  • SubsSubscription — a meta-resource, which binds events (create/update/delete resource) with communication channel through which a subscriber will be notified about.
  • SubsNotification — a resource, which represents the notification with its status (sent or not).
In order to start receive notifications, you have to register your services as a subscriber in Aidbox by creating a SubsSubscription resource.
As external service to integrate Aidbox with, we will use RequestCatcher. We will use aidbox name, so the final name of our service will be You can use your own name.
Open in new tab, then create next SubsSubsription resource in your Aidbox instance:
POST /SubsSubscription
id: new-patient-sub
status: active
event: ['create']
type: rest-hook
timeout: 1000
content: full-resource
contentType: json
After that, aidbox sends a handshake notification on channel.endpoint, which you can see on your opened tab with RequestCatcher.
Let's create a new patient then.
POST /Patient
id: john-smith
- given: [John]
family: Smith
# Response: 201 Created
Then you can back to RequestCatcher service and see a new notification.
And next, you can see SubsNotification resource created for this notification in Aidbox.
GET /SubsNotification?_sort=-lastUpdated
# Response
type: searchset
resourceType: Bundle
- resource:
id: 17efebc5-c4e2-4db8-b999-dd5c24b7dfc5
resourceType: SubsNotification
status: success
duration: 99
response: {body: request caught, status: 200}
type: notification
event: create
id: john-smith
- given: [John]
family: Smith
resourceType: Patient
subscription: {id: new-patient-sub, resourceType: SubsSubscription}
# ... other notification
If you will update your patient, then the notification will not be created, because we subscribed only for the creation of a Patient resource.
PUT /Patient/john-smith
- given: [John]
family: Smith
gender: male
# Response: 200 OK
Check RequestCatcher and SubsNotification. You will not find new notifications there.
Last modified 5mo ago