Resource generation with map-to-fhir-bundle-task and subscription triggers

In this tutorial, we will create a FHIR resource in response to another resource creation using map-to-fhir-bundle-task and subscription trigger.

Define Aidbox Project configuration

In our configuration, we will need the subscription trigger service with trigger rule, and lisp/mapping.

{ns     my-subscription-trigger
 import #{aidbox awf.task awf.subscription-trigger ingestion.core lisp}

 ;; Mapping to transform income data (passed from task :context) to fhir Bundle
 ;; get-in and get expressions use the :context task parameter as a place to get data from
 {:zen/tags #{lisp/mapping}
  :mapping   {:resourceType "Bundle"
              :type "transaction"
              :entry [{:resource {:resourceType "Encounter"
                                  :subject (get-in [:subject])
                                  :participant (for [p (get-in [:performer])]
                                                 {:individual {:resourceType (get p :resourceType)
                                                               :id (get p :id)}})
                                  :status "planned"
                                  :class  {:display "Encounter"}}
                       :request {:method "PUT"
                                 :url "/Encounter"}}]}}

 {:zen/tags    #{awf.subscription-trigger/rule}
  ;; When creating an Observation with status 'registered', the rule would be triggered.
  :select-by    [{:get-in [:resourceType] :comparator :eq :value "Observation"}
                 {:get-in [:status] :comparator :eq :value "registered"}]
  ;; When triggering a rule, the map-to-fhir-bundle-task would be executed 
  :task-request {:definition ingestion.core/map-to-fhir-bundle-task
                 :params {
                          ;; Should be a string representation of the mapping definition symbol with the namespace.
                          :mapping "my-subscription-trigger/observation-bundle-mapping"
                          ;; Acts like lisp/expr to get data from the resource that triggered the rule.
                          :context {:resourceId (get-in [:id])
                                    :subject (get-in [:subject])
                                    :performer (get-in [:performer])}
                          ;; Bundle format.        
                          :format "fhir"}}}

 {:zen/tags #{aidbox/service}
  :engine  awf.subscription-trigger/subscription-trigger-service-engine
  ;; Should contain defined rules.
  :rules #{trigger-on-observation-registered}}

 {:zen/tags #{aidbox/system}
  :services {:task-service awf.task/task-service
             :executor-service aidbox/aidbox-long-pool-executor-service
             :subscription-trigger-service my-subscription-trigger-service}}}

Now a new Observation resource is created with the status registered, and the Encounter resource with the same subject and performer as a participant is created with the status Planned.

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