Launch DSL

Form Launch binds to Document and Form. And optionally can specify fields populate logic via populate-engine

Default populate-engine - aidbox.sdc/LispPopulate

For populate you can specify what fields should be populated.

For that you can use:

For lisp get get-in functions the context is a map

{:ctx {:user {:id "user-id" :resourceType "User" ...}} ;; <--- injected logged-in user
 :params {...}}                                        ;; <--- parameters to launch rpc


 {:zen/tags #{aidbox.sdc/Launch}

  ;; bind to document
  :document VitalsDocument

  ;; specify parameters for launch
  :params {:encounter-id {:type zen/string}}

  ;; set populate engine
  :populate-engine aidbox.sdc/LispPopulate

  ;; populate logic. Define fields in the shape of the document.
  :populate {:author    (get-in [:ctx :user])
             :encounter {:id (get-in [:params :encounter-id])
                         :resourceType "Encounter"}
             :patient   (sql {:select [:#> :resource [:subject]]
                              :from :Encounter
                              :where [:= :id (get-in [:params :encounter-id])]})}}

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