$everything on Patient

This operation is used to return all the information related to one or more patients described in the resource or context on which this operation is invoked. The response is a bundle. Returns resources that the server has that are related to the patient Run Patient-everything:
GET [base]/Patient/[id]/$everything

Patient-everything parameters

Query parameter
Support status
Include resources updated after specified timestamp
Limits return of each resource type. Without pagination
partial support
Filter result output by resource type
not supported
Filter by care date start
not supported
Filter by care date end
not supported


Get all resources directly linked to patient pt-1:
GET /Patient/pt-1/$everything
Get all resources directly linked to patient pt-1 that were created or updated after jan 1st 2021:
GET /Patient/pt-1/$everything?_since=2021-01-01T00:00:00Z
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