$translate on ConceptMap

Translate code from one value set to another, based on the existing value set and concept maps resources, and/or other additional knowledge available to the server.

All the examples can be found at the "FHIR ConceptMap Resource and translation"community notebook which is accessible via your Aidbox Notebooks UI Tab

Parameters and usage

Example request

GET /fhir/ConceptMap/cm1/$translate?code=fetus-speciment&system=http://snomed&reverse=true

Ungrouping ConceptMaps on create

ConceptMaps are ungrouped on create to have an opportunity to use Search API instead of $tranalate operation. ConceptMaps are transformed into ConceptMapRule resources.

ConceptMapRule resource schema:

  • element as in ConceptMap

  • source: source system where concepts to be mapped are defined

  • target: target system that the concepts are to be mapped to

  • sourceValueSet: the source value set that contains the concepts that are being mapped

  • targetValueSet: the target value set which provides context for the mappings

  • conceptMapId: id of the original ConceptMap

  • conceptmapUrl: url of the original ConceptMap

  • unmapped: as in ConceptMap

Aidbox Search API for ConceptMapRule

GET /fhir/ConceptMapRule?.source=http://hl7.org/fhir/address-use&.target=http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v3-AddressUse&.element.code=home&_elements=.element.target

Created ConceptMap does not have group property as it is just a meta header resource.

Convert ConceptMap.json to ndjson bundle

In order to convert a huge ConceptMap to ndjson bundle use this FHIR converter.

java -jar [JAR_PATH] cmndj -i PATH/TO/CONCEPT_MAP.json -o PATH/TO/OUTPUT_BUNDLE.ndjson

The output bundle consists of ConceptMap meta resource and the set of ConceptMapRule resources.

Use Bulk API to upload output bundle.

How to get full ConceptMap resource

Aidbox doesn't store ConceptMap groups in ConceptMap resource as mentioned above.

To get full ConceptMap resource make a request using /fhir prefix.


GET /fhir/ConceptMap/my-concept-map

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