Inferno Test-Suite US Core 3.1.1

In this tutorial we will guide you how to setup Aidbox US Core FHIR Implementation Guide and pass Inferno US Core 3.1.1 confromance tests.

Setup Aidbox with US Core IG version 3.1.1 with prebuilt Aidbox config

To correctly set up Aidbox, we'll utilize the Aidbox configuration projects.

There's an existing guide for this process. Adhere to this guide, but note a variation when you reach the Configure the Aidbox step: instead of using the recommended configuration projects (R4,R4B,R5,etc.) β€” clone this specific project:

git clone \
  --branch=us-core-3.1.1 \
  --depth=1 \ \
  aidbox-project && \
  cd aidbox-project && \
  rm -rf .git

The git template project contains US Core version 3.1.1 FHIR IG preconfigured via .env file.

If you already have a running Aidbox instance, please refer to the following guide:

pageUpload FHIR Implementation Guide

Uploading test data samples

POST /rpc
content-type: text/yaml
accept: text/yaml

method: aidbox.bulk/import-start
  on-conflict: update
  id_prefix: app1
  format: fhir
  meta: {source: app1}
  - {url: ''}

The link in input.url points to an archive containing data samples generated by Synthea. Inside, you'll find two Patient resources and numerous other resources, such as Observations and Encounters, related to these two patients.

Obtaining OAuth credentials

To obtain OAuth credentials, please refer to this video guide. Keep obtained access token for the following steps.

(Optional) Forwarding your local Aidbox deployment to the public web

This step is optional and only necessary if you want to test a local Aidbox deployment running on your machine. For this purpose, you can use the public, free SSH tunnel forwarder

Run the following command:

ssh -R 80:localhost:<aidbox-port>

In the returned output, look for the link:

... tunneled with tls termination, <link to your Aidbox exposed to the public web>

Setting up Inferno US Core 3.1.1 Test Suit

In the test tree, click on the "US Core FHIR API" test. Then, click on the "Run All Tests" button and provide the following information:

  1. FHIR Endpoint (required): Enter the Aidbox link with the added suffix /fhir (e.g., https://my.aidbox/fhir, where the base link is https://my.aidbox and the suffix is /fhir).

  2. OAuth Credentials, Access Token: Insert the Access Token obtained earlier.

  3. Patient IDs: The patients in the test suite bundle have the following IDs: d831ec91-c7a3-4a61-9312-7ff0c4a32134,e91975f5-9445-c11f-cabf-c3c6dae161f2 just copy and insert this substring.

After entering this information, simply run the tests by pressing the "submit" button.

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