Setup Aidbox with FHIR Schema validation engine

How to enable new validator engine and specify IGs

To correctly set up Aidbox, we'll utilize the Aidbox configuration projects. There's an existing guide for this process. Adhere to this guide, but note a variation when you reach the Configure the Aidbox step: instead of using the recommended configuration projects (R4,R4B,R5,etc.) β€” clone this specific project:

git clone \ \
  aidbox-project && \
  cd aidbox-project && \
  rm -rf .git

This project is tailored with specific configurations for FHIR Schema Validator.

Configuration Overview: Key Features and Distinctions

If you already have a configuration project, you can replicate these steps to enable FHIR Schema Validator in your Aidbox instance.

Enable the FHIR Schema Validator Engine

To enable the FHIR Schema Validator engine, set the following environment variable:


Enable a Specific Implementation Guide (IG)

To enable a specific IG, list it in the following environment variable. Separate different packages using a colon (:). You can visit the following page to get a complete list of IGs supported by the FHIR Schema validator. Package entry template: <package_name>#<package_version>.

External Terminology Service

To validate coded values with an external Terminology service, set it in the following environment variable.


Please note that this external terminology server will be used exclusively for validating terminology bindings.

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