_text & _content

Full Text search by Narrative or Resource content
Full-text-search by resources is also at your disposal. It presents with the _text - search by narrative and _ __content - search by remaining the resource content.
GET /Patient?_text=John
GET /Patient?_content=New-York
Search results can be sorted by rank with the _score search-parameter value. More relevant results will be on top but in reversed order also supported through - prefix.
GET /Patient?_content=baz&_sort=-_score


Full-text search requests supports grouping and logical operations
GET /Patient?_content=(NOT bar OR baz) AND foo
If you want to search by the phrase, just quote it
GET /Patient?_content="Mad Max"
Full-text search is a difficult query for the system. To improve performance, you can omit the number of entries in the results - use _total=none. More information in _total ( _totalMethod ).
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