License migration guide

This guide will help you migrate from the licenses issued on the legacy License server to the new version which you can get on the Aidbox User Portal.

Register on the Aidbox User Portal

The Aidbox User Portal allows you to create Aidbox licenses and manage all the licenses for your projects in one place. To sign up go to and follow the instructions.

Create a project


Get a new license

  • Standard licenses are licenses for Production or Staging environments. The default expiration of these licenses is 2 weeks but Health Samurai team will extend the expiration according to the agreement.

  • Development licenses are available for your local development. They don’t have an expiration but do impose a database size limit and cannot be used for PHI data. As a contract customer, you can issue these free of charge. For more information please refer to this page or contact your account manager.

Update your Aidbox configuration with your license key

The difference between the legacy and new licenses is how they are initialized in the configuration file. Whereas legacy ones have a license id and a license key, the new ones only have a license key.

Follow these steps to migrate to the new license:

  • On the User Portal choose a license you want to use and copy its credentials by clicking on the License key string.

  • Stop your Aidbox instance

  • Remove the following section from the .env file:

  • Add this line with the key of the new license you copied from the portal:

  • Upgrade and start your Aidbox instance

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