Run Aidbox locally with Docker

This quickstart guide explains how to run Aidbox locally using docker compose. You will learn how to obtain a free short-term license and how to set up Aidbox.

Get a license

Go to the Aidbox portal. Sign up and click the new license button. Choose product type “Aidbox” and hosting type “Self-hosted”.
You'll see your license in the “My Licenses” list. Click on your new license and copy credentials. It is a long string like
This string is your license key.

Install Docker and Docker Compose

Follow the official Docker guide to install Docker and Docker Compose.

Clone and set up Aidbox template repository

git clone --recurse-submodules && cd aidbox-docker-compose
This repository contains Aidbox configuration project used to configure Aidbox and also additional files used to spin up Aidbox container.
Create .env file from env.tpl:
cp env.tpl .env
env.tpl is a template with environment variables. We copy it into a separate .env which is included in .gitignore to protect from secrets breach.
Now update .env file so that AIDBOX_LICENSE matches your license key:
If you want to learn more about Aidbox environment variables, refer to the following page:
If you want to learn more about Aidbox configuration project set up, refer to the following page:

Lauch Aidbox

Start Aidbox with Docker Compose:
docker compose up
This command downloads and starts Aidbox container. It can take a few minutes.

Go to the Aidbox UI

Open http://localhost:8888. You'll see Aidbox login page. Sign in using login admin and password secret.
Now you are ready to use Aidbox.