Migrate to AidboxDB 16

This guide explains migrating to AidboxDB 16, specifically addressing the absence of the jsonknife extension

Since AidboxDB 16.1 does not have the jsonknife extension on board as it was available in the previous versions there is the guide explaining how to migrate to it.

Check if extra DB migrations steps needed

Before migrating to AidboxDB 16, it's crucial to determine whether you have any indexes using that extension. To get list of indexes utilizing jsonknife extension, run following SQL query:

SELECT indexname, indexdef 
 FROM pg_indexes 
WHERE indexdef ILIKE '%knife%';
  • No Action Required: If the query returns an empty result set, no further actions are required regarding this extension.

  • Action Required: If the query results are not empty, you must follow the following steps.

Migration Steps

Backup database

Begin by creating a complete backup of your database. For example, this can be achieved using the pg_dump command:

pg_dump -U [username] [dbname] > [backupfile].sql

Provision necessary functions in the new PostgreSQL cluster

To create necessary jsonknife functions run the following SQL with-in your PG cluster.

Restore database in the new cluster

Once the new functions are defined in the new cluster, restore database using, for example, pg_restore.

pg_restore -U [username] -d [dbname] [backupfile].sql

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