GET [base]/[type]/[id]

One of the most basic interactions is used to obtain a resource by a given id. For more advanced options for getting resources, check out Search.

200 OK

Get an existing patient:

GET /fhir/Patient/17b69d79-3d9b-45f8-af79-75f958502763

404 Not Found

Attempt to get a non-existing patient:

GET /fhir/Patient/some-not-existing-id


GET [base]/[type]/[id]/_history/[vid]

This one is another read interaction, but it returns a specific version resource. Similar to read, but it additionally requires to specify version id.

200 OK

Version id 13 was extracted from the response of a create interaction.

GET /fhir/Patient/17b69d79-3d9b-45f8-af79-75f958502763/_history/13

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