Reference search

Reference describes the relationship between resources. Following options are available for filtering by reference:


For example, let's find all encounters related to a specified patient:

GET /fhir/Encounter?subject=patientid


GET /fhir/Encounter?subject=Patient/patientid

Supported modifiers

  • identifier - Tests whether the Reference.identifier in a resource (rather than the Reference.reference) matches the supplied parameter value


// search for observations with a subject containing 
// the identifier '|12345'
GET /fhir/Observation?subject:identifier=|12345
  • not - Reverses the code matching: returns all resources that do not have a matching item.


//Search for any patient with a gender that does not have the code "male"
//Note that for :not, the search does not return any resources that have a gen
GET /fhir/Patient?gender:not=male

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