Set up SSO with Auth0

This guide explains how to set up single sign-on features (SSO) with Auth0
This guide expands Set up SMARTbox.

Create an application in Auth0

To create an application:
  • Login to the Auth0
  • Open the Applications page
  • Press the Create Application button
  • Give the name of the application
  • Choose the type of application. Consider, Native type
  • Press the Create button
After the app is created add the details:
  • Application callback URLs: http://localhost:8888/tenant/my-clinic/patient/auth/callback/?
  • Press the Save Changes button
Open the Advanced settings of the application and copy:
  • OAuth Authorization URL
  • OAuth Token URL
  • OAuth User Info URL

Create a user in Auth0

To create a new user:
  • Open the Users page
  • Press the Create User button
  • Provide email and password
  • Press the Create button
Copy the user_id. It looks like auth0|6310e2d143b66b669906d775

Create a Tenant in Aidbox Portal

As the administrator of the Portal create an Tenant resource. Please, see What is Tenant for more details.
id: my-clinic
resourceType: Tenant
name: My Clinic Name
- user
- read:org
- openid
- profile
system: aidbox:tenant:my-clinic
id: ziW...lv0
secret: 7HoQ...gvb
The URLs copied from the Auth0 are used here:
  • OAuth Authorization URL as authorize_endpoint
  • OAuth Token URL as token_endpoint
  • OAuth User Info URL as userinfo_endpoint
It's important to provide the system attribute

Create a user in Aidbox Portal

The user should be linked to a Patient to be able to launch SMART Apps. And at the same time, it should be related to the Auth0 user. Please, see What is Tenant for more details.
id: test-user-1
resourceType: User
- value: auth0|6310e2d143b66b669906d775
system: aidbox:tenant:my-clinic
id: test-pt-1
resourceType: Patient
- type: patient
active: true
id: my-clinic
resourceType: Tenant
  1. 1.
    identifier contains the link to the Auth0 user
  2. 2.
    fhirUser links the user to the Patient

Checking it works together

  • Open the link in the Invisible (Stealth) mode
  • Click the Sign In link
  • Enter email and password of the user, we created in the Auth0
  • Press the Login button

Launch the Growth Chart

  • On the SMARTbox page Applications
  • Press the Launch button against the Growth Chart application
  • Press the Allow button on the consent screen
  • Get the Growth Chart works
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