Location search

Location search is used to search locations by coordinates using the WGS84 datum.

Geopositional search is supported in Aidbox only with Aidboxdb 15.3 and later.

Supported search parameters

Search parameterSupported?Description


km and [mi_us] units are supported


Near Search Parameter

Search for locations near the specified geo-coded position.

GET [base]/Location?near=<latitude>|<longitude>|[distance]|[units]

Latitude and longitude are required.

If the units are omitted, then kms are assumed.

If the distance is also omitted, then Aidbox treat "near" as 3 km.


Get locations within 11.2 kms of the some geo-coded position:

#                   latitude |longitude|distance|units
GET /Location?near=-83.674810|42.266500|11.20|km


resourceType: Bundle
total: 1
  - resource:
        latitude: -83.69481
        longitude: 42.2565
      id: >- loc-1
      resourceType: Location

Search in miles:

GET /Location?near=-83.674810|42.266500|11.20|[mi_us]

Search without distance and units

# distance = 3, units = km
GET /Location?near=-83.674810|42.266500

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