zen-lang validator

Validate your resources with zen-lang schemas

The zen-lang validator is scheduled for deprecation in several upcoming releases. Please consider using FHIR Schema validator.

Aidbox supports a powerful profile validation mechanism powered by Zen language. It allows you to define a set (or multiple sets) of profiles in edn format and later load them into your Aidbox instance. These profiles can be used to validate resources against the specified schemas, including individual properties and also interoperation with other profiles in a composable way.

Start using zen profiling in Aidbox

  1. Write profiles with schemas to validate against

pageWrite a custom zen profile

2. Load profiles into your Aidbox instance

πŸŽ“pageLoad zen profiles into Aidbox

Resource examples and external (not-present) terminologies are not loaded into the storage by default

3. Validate resources against profiles

Use FHIR $validate operation or a CRUD request with a profile URL specified in .meta.profile or in .profile query parameters.

Zen FHIR packages

Aidbox team has created an open-source tool to generate Zen FHIR packages from FHIR packages.

Generated packages are available under zen-fhir Github organization.

Zen FHIR packages require AIDBOX_CORRECT_AIDBOX_FORMAT=true environment variable.

Use Zen FHIR packages

We recommend to load Zen FHIR packages using an Aidbox Configuration project. Visit the following page for a detailed guide:

pageEnable IGs

Convert custom FHIR profiles to Zen FHIR package

Our zen-lang/fhir tool allows you to generate zen schemas for custom FHIR profiles and use them in your Aidbox Configuration projects.

Create custom Zen FHIR package based on other Zen FHIR packages

You can use existing Zen FHIR packages as a foundation for your custom Zen FHIR package. See our guide on profiling with Zen-lang.

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